November Prayer Focus

Throughout the month of November we are focusing on praying for the next generation.

Bookmarks with specific prayer requests will be distributed on Sunday, November 4 and will also be available subsequent weeks on the bulletin table. You can also see these requests below.

Please join with us this month to pray for the children, youth, and young adults that God has entrusted to us.

Prayer Requests:

Nursery (0-2 yrs.)
• Safety
• Health
• Sense of security and being loved
• Growing understanding of belonging
• Growing understanding of God

Early Childhood (3-5 yrs.)
• Protection
• Desire to please parents in obedience
• Desire to please the Lord
• Growing understanding of personal sin and need for a Savior
• Building a foundation of Biblical understanding
• Growth in empathy

Elementary Age (6-11 yrs.)
• Growing understanding of sin and need for repentance
• Growing understanding of Christ as the only means of salvation
• Placing their trust in the Lord
• Learning to relate with unbelievers while holding on to Biblical truth
• Beginning to apply Biblical teaching

Youth (12-17 yrs.)
• Growing identity in Christ rather than things, appearance, or social status
• Discernment to tell truth from a lie
• Strength to stand against peer pressure
• Ability to apply Scriptural principles to own life
• Empathy for peers
• Healthy relationships with parents

College & Career (18-25 yrs.)
• Lives built on the truth
• Solid understanding of Scripture
• Ability to articulate the gospel
• Passion to reach others with the gospel
• Desire to live a holy Life

• Wisdom
• Unconditional love
• Perseverance
• Reliance on Christ
• Vision
• Consistency
• Hope

Ministry Volunteers
• Vision to pass the Gospel to the next generation
• Faithfulness
• Wisdom
• Joy in serving
• Development of meaningful intergenerational relationships for the glory of God

Our Wayward Children
• Protection
• Restored relationships with parents
• Dissatisfaction with a sinful lifestyle
• Longing to be restored to church fellowship
• God’s kindness would lead them to repentance
• Walk in newness of life


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