Short-Term Missions

We have four short-term mission trips this summer: East Asia, Oaxaca (Mexico), Dalton (Georgia), and Renew (Harrisonburg). Each of these trips contains unique aspects of engaging people, doing tangible acts of service, and sharing the gospel.

The deadline for submitting your application for the Mexico trip is Monday, February 4 and for the East Asia and Dalton trips is Friday, March 1. Application for these trips also requires that you have been Child Protection approved. If you have not been approved please fill out the Disclosure Statement (ages 15+), Background Check form (ages 18+), and Reference form (everyone) along with the application. If you are seriously planning to go on either of these trips, you need to consider getting a passport as soon as possible as the passport process can take about 4-6 months.

The Renew application will be posted March 1.

Please pray about joining one of these teams or supporting participants with prayer and financial support.

East Asia (May 16-29, $3,200) 

The foremost reason for this short-term trip is to introduce university students to the person of Jesus Christ through personal friendships. We are privileged and honored to be invited by universities to assist them in the process of teaching conversational English. We “earn the right to be heard” with students as we offer a message of love, acceptance, and encouragement, a message the vast majority of these students have never experienced before. It is our hope that many students will discover the love of Jesus living in us as we have opportunity to share the gospel and develop lasting relationships with them. Secondary purposes include sharing goodwill as ambassadors of the USA, encouraging our resident teachers, and helping us to build relationships with university officials. The expected cost for the trip is $3,200. Contact the church office (433-3051) for more information.

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Oaxaca, Mexico (June 26-July 8, $1,200) 

This trip is open to all who have completed 9th grade and up. The purpose of this trip will be to serve alongside the mission work of a presbytery in Oaxaca helping to lead VBS, community outreach, and physical service projects.  The Oaxaca group will fly in and out of Mexico City or Oaxaca City and will travel by bus to their mission site in the village of San Bartolome, a nearby village of Guilove, and another nearby village of Rio Santa Cruz. The focus of our work in these villages will be outreach, mercy ministry, and adult and children’s discipleship.  The expected cost of the trip is $1,200.  Contact John Kidd (433-3051) or Sandy & Jacinto Hernandez (433-3548) for more information.

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Dalton, Georgia (June 8-15, $300/person, max $1000/family)

The purpose of this trip is to glorify God in mercy and deed as we serve the impoverished of this community and to strengthen the bond between Covenant and Alianza by serving together. Our days will be spent doing light construction and remodeling of local homes. Evenings consist of neighborhood outreach. Younger participants have daily outreach opportunities. Participants should expect to participate in a few pre-field meetings. The expected cost of the trip is $300 per person, maximum per family is $1,000. This trip is in need of all individuals and skills, and we want to provide the opportunity for families to serve together. All youth between 13-16 years old must be accompanied by a parent. Contact John Wickenheiser (434-7070) for more information.

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Renew, Harrisonburg (June 9-14, $185)

This trip is open to students currently in 8th grade through 12th grade and adult volunteers. The group will stay overnight at Eastern Mennonite School and work each day on service projects in homes, schools, and local non-profit organizations around Harrisonburg. Evenings will include large group gatherings with music and teaching as well as fun events such as swimming at Ashby Pool, UREC, and more. This trip is a fun way to invest in our community, connect with Christians from other churches and schools, and use the gifts God has given us. The cost is $185. Contact John Kidd (433-3051) for more information.

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NOTE: The leaders of these teams reserve the right to interview, select, and limit the number of participants.


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