Habitat for Humanity Project

UPDATE 3/18/19 – We are currently at $61,083 of our goal of $70,000.

UPDATE 3/15/19 – We are very close to finishing up the work on the house. The date for a dedication ceremony is Sunday, April 14 at 2 p.m. All are welcome to attend.

UPDATE 3/4/19 – We are currently at $60,223 of our goal of $70,000.

UPDATE 3/1/19 – We are currently at $59,393 of our goal of $70,000.

UPDATE 2/13/19 – We are currently at $57,919 of our goal of $70,000.

UPDATE 2/4/19 – We are currently at $57,164 of our goal of $70,000.

As of this past Saturday most of the flooring and trim work has been completed. We will still need to do another coat of paint and a few other smaller projects on the inside of the house. After that we will focus on the landscaping and exterior work.

UPDATE 1/29/19 – We are currently at $51,909 of our goal of $70,000

UPDATE 1/2/19 – We are currently at $48,985 of our goal of $70,000.

UPDATE 12/13/18 – We are currently at $38,980 of our goal of $70,000.

UPDATE 11/21/18 – We are currently at $23,030 of our goal of $70,000.

UPDATE: 11/1/18 – The HVAC work was provided at a great discount by a local company. Next up is the electrical work. Once that is done we will begin having our group work days.


9/20/18 – The framing for the house has been donated by a local company. Once it is under roof the next step is to have the HVAC and electrical work done. As soon as those are completed we will be organizing a work day to help with the next steps.

There are two commitments that come with sponsoring this project: 1) committing to raise $35,000 and 2) providing volunteers to help build the house. (Click here to fill out the VOLUNTEER SKILLS AND AVAILABILITY FORM.)


For the fundraising side of things we will be launching a 50/50 campaign. This means that 50% of this campaign will go to the Habitat for Humanity project and 50% will go to the church. We will raise the $35,000 for the duplex while at the same time raising $35,000 for needs we have in our own building that need to be addressed (aging or broken furniture, more seating in the lobby and connector, and re-purposing the library to make it more of a reception area). Our overall goal for this campaign is $70,000. (Funds can be given directly to the church either online through our “give” section of the website or through other check, cash, or stock donations. Please make sure the 50/50 fund is designated.)

On the volunteer side of things, we need people of all skill sets who will be willing to give of their time to help provide the labor to build this house. Particularly we need a few skilled people who would be willing to help coordinate the volunteers and help work with Habitat for Humanity’s general contractor to oversee parts of the build.


The location of the project is 969 Roberts Court, Harrisonburg, VA.


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