Adult Study Fellowships

Study Fellowships are on-going communities that meet for the purpose of growth in Christ through teaching and fellowship. Interactive instruction includes large and small group discussion that provides both a place to learn about God’s Word and a place to connect with members of Covenant. They meet from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. each Sunday.

Winter Semester Classes (December 3-February 25, no classes December 24 and 31)

Evangelism & Apologetics, meets in Mobile Unit 2: The Scriptures teach us that we are ambassadors for Christ. God has placed around each of us certain individuals with whom we can share the gospel, yet often it seems like a daunting task. Our study will explain both the discipline and art of sharing and defending the faith while increasing your confidence in the power of the gospel that leads to salvation for you and all those around you. This class is taught by Pastor Aaron Roberts.

Through the Roof Support Group, meets in C207: This is a time for families affected by disability to meet and encourage one another. Facilitated by Covenant member Laura Flint and Pastor Tim Frost. **Held the second Sunday of each month beginning December 10.**

Getting the Bible’s Big Picturemeets in Annex 5: This course is an overview of the most important book known to man. If you are new to the Bible, this course is especially geared towards you. We will study the various literary types in the Old and New Testaments, from Genesis to Revelation. It will also demonstrate the unity of Scripture in its history and the overarching redemptive historical themes that will encourage you. The class will provide you with tools to read the Bible with greater confidence and understanding. Ultimately, our study will point us toward the goal of seeing Christ on every page of Scripture. This class is led by Elder Lyle Jacobsen.

Understanding Jeremiah, meets in Annex 6: Somewhere in the middle of your Bible, the largest book of the Bible lies there unread. Yes, we’re talking about the book of Jeremiah. “Why unread?” you may ask. Jeremiah is difficult to understand due to the complexity of the historical context, the nature of the book’s construction, and the chapter-after-chapter message of “repent or die.” Yet, within the book of Jeremiah we see the future promise and demonstrated need of one of the most significant developments in redemptive history—the New Covenant. This class will help you understand the historical context, unusual structure, and the powerful message that still impacts us today. This class is taught by Covenant member Jeff Jordan.

Declaring God’s Glory Among the Nations, meets in the Sanctuary: Who are Covenant’s cross-cultural workers?  From Harrisonburg to Sulawesi and Maluku, from the campus of JMU to Japan, Covenant supported ministry leaders are proclaiming the gospel among many people groups. You are invited to get to know them and hear about the Lord’s work through them. We will be hearing from various Covenant members and indigenous workers. This class is overseen by Covenant member Bert Richardson.

Godly Masters of Money, meets in Multi-purpose Room West: Matthew 6:24 tells us you cannot serve God and money, which is a guiding principle for all financial stewardship. Yet, most faithful Christians still must manage at least some money on a regular basis and encounter questions or challenges in how best to do so. In this class we’ll draw from core principles in God’s Word to discuss how we can faithfully master our management of money… Soli Deo Gloria (with Glory to God alone)! This class is led by Elder Jim Smith.

College & Career Fellowship, meets in Multi-purpose Room East: In a world increasingly indifferent to Christian truth, followers of Christ need to be prepared to communicate with those who do not speak their language or accept their source of authority. Have you ever been in a conversation about your faith and been stumped on a tough question? Have you ever felt attacked or manipulated and stuck in silence? This semester you’ll learn not only how to defend your faith, but how to initiate conversation, present the truth clearly and persuasively, graciously expose faulty thinking, and skillfully manage the details of dialogue in an engaging and disarming style. Join us and become equipped to communicate the compelling truth about Christianity with confidence and grace in any situation. This class is taught by Covenant member Zach Koops.

La Santidad de Dios, se reúne en el salón W-10: Estamos usando la serie en video y libro de RC Sproul, La Santidad de Dios. La serie estudia el sentido de la santidad e investiga el por qué la idea de un Dios santo infunde temor, dando una comprensión nueva de lo que es el pecado, la justicia, la gracia, y nuestra dependencia total de la misericordia de Dios. El Pastor Jacinto Hernández enseña la clase.

Spring Semester Classes (March 4-May 27) 

  • When We Really Pray!, meets in Mobile Unit 2
  • Adventures in Mothering, meets in Annex 4
  • Welcome to Covenant Class, meets in Annex 5
  • The Last Days, meets in Annex 6
  • Could Anger Be a Good Thing?, meets in Multi-purpose Room West
  • College & Career Fellowship, meets in Multi-purpose Room East
  • Through the Roof Support Group, meets in C207
  • La Santidad de Dios, se reúne en el salón W-10