Oct 22

Messengers of Mercy

Joe Slater |Jonah 3

The book of Jonah, along with all of Scripture, is about God. He is the main subject and the lead character in every story and narrative. In God’s dealings with His reluctant prophet in chapter 3, we will see God’s mercy, God’s message, and God’s might. God was merciful to Jonah in pursuing and calling him even after his initial refusal to go where God had called him (chapter 1). God sent Jonah with a message of grace for the people of Nineveh. And through that message, God was mighty to save as He changed hearts and brought one of the greatest revivals in history.

Looking at the story of Jonah is a bit like looking in the mirror. Like Jonah, we run from God’s calling, we forget His mercy to us and to others, we struggle to believe His power and might, and we are reluctant messengers of the gospel of grace. But also like Jonah, despite our failings, we are recipients of God’s mercy and grace. The cross of Christ is sufficient to cover all of our sin. That is the good news we believe and proclaim. May God help our unbelief and embolden our proclamation. May He fill us with mercy and make us messengers of that mercy.