May 24

Part 37: Faltering People and Their Faithful God

Todd Pruitt |Series: Genesis

The three previous chapters of Genesis have taken us to soaring heights of not only God’s faithfulness but also of Abram’s faith. In chapter 12 we read how Abram unwisely led his family out of the land of promise and of his fear which led to lying about his relationship to Sarai, his wife. By God’s grace, however, Abram’s faith and courage returned. He journeyed back to Canaan and entrusted himself solely to the Lord (ch. 13). Next, Abram demonstrated courageous faith by leading his men against the four eastern kings and rescuing his nephew Lot (ch. 14).

Following Abram’s remarkable military victory we encounter chapter 15 which stands as a mountain peak in redemptive history. Here we are introduced to the doctrine of justification by grace alone through faith alone. It is also the chapter which describes the ratification ceremony of the everlasting Covenant of Grace; the covenant God made with Abraham, fulfilled by Jesus Christ.

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