May 08

Part 73: Interpretations Belong to God

John Kidd |Series: Genesis |Genesis 40:1-41:36

The bulk of this text revolves around dreaming, retelling, and interpreting dreams. People usually don’t pay much attention to their dreams, nor should they. Dreams are a manifestation of our subconscious. The dictionary says they are series of thoughts, images, or sensations occurring in a person’s mind as they sleep. Most often dreams are quickly forgotten, yet some remain vivid or even reoccur.

On a few occasions God has revealed himself through dreams. This is a form of divine revelation, or special revelation. Dreams, visions, prophesy, and direct communication are all ways that God has communicated with his people throughout history. The doctrine of revelation is of great importance. We only know God based on what he has revealed to us. In these chapters we will see God both concealing and revealing himself through dreams and their interpretations, all for his glory and for the good of his people.

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