Apr 24

The Love of the Beloved

Matt Eusey |Series: Guest Speaker |Luke 6:27-36

God is love (1 John 4:8). He defines it, but we want to have a hand in it. We very much want to choose who we love. We want to practice love by our own priorities and who will receive our affection. Normally those love priorities include our blood relatives, our friends, and people whose relationships give us a sense of purpose as well as people who agree with us, people who look like us, or people who otherwise benefit us.

But as we look at Luke 6:27-36, we see another narrative. We see the way of love in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Believers in Christ are called from death to life in order to practice love as He defines it. Here in Luke 6 we see that as the beloved people of the Lord, we are called to love people who do not benefit us from our perspective.

We are called to love those people who cause us pain and who, from the world’s eyes, do us no earthly good.  We want to understand this love and this call to love, and so, to that end, we are going to ask three questions: 1) Who is the object of this love? 2) What is the response to evil by this love? 3) Where does the motivation come from for this love?