Sunday School

Sunday school classes are on-going communities that meet for the purpose of growth in Christ through teaching and fellowship. Interactive instruction includes large and small group discussion that provides both a place to learn about God’s Word and a place to connect with members of Covenant.

Fall 2021 Classes

Welcome to Covenant Class

Classroom: Annex 5

This class introduces you to other people who attend Covenant, communicate what we believe, and show you areas of ministries in which you can be involved. Taking the Welcome to Covenant Class is a very practical way to help you discern whether Covenant is the church where the Lord would have you worship Him, grow in discipleship, and use your gifts to reach the world for Christ. Participating in the class does not commit you to becoming a member, but it is a pre-requisite to membership. This class is taught by Pastor Burress McCombe. 

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Sexuality, Gender, and What it Means to be Human

Classroom: Multi-purpose East

The chaos surrounding sexuality and gender is front and center in our culture. What the church has always believed about these matters is now looked upon with shock and anger. Sadly, many Christians are rejecting the faith because they have failed to understand God’s good design for humanity and the purpose of the body, sexuality, marriage, and gender. In this class, we will use the PCA’s recent Ad Interim Study Committee Report on Human Sexuality as an outline for studying what the Scriptures teach and what our Reformed Confession affirms about these vital matters. This two-month class begins October 3. This class is taught by Pastor Todd Pruitt.

Parenting: From the Inside Out

Classroom: Multi-purpose West

Marriage & parenting are two of God’s great means of growing and maturing us. Our kids can be like little coaches that have a way of spotlighting the places we need to grow in our lives. Our children regularly expose our messes and inadequacies and our sinful tendency is to avoid, control and over-parent them, rather than engage them in preparation for adulthood. This class will take a redemptive look at how our hearts have been impacted by our parents and how this affects the ways we parent. Rather than getting our children to change, let us grow by guarding our hearts and change the quality of love we give to them.  This class is taught by Greg Becker.

Officer Training

Classroom: Annex 4

This course will assist the men we nominated to candidate for the office of elder or deacon. This class is the next step to process whether the Lord is calling these particular men to serve as officers. Though this class caters to these individuals, this class is open to anyone who would like to attend. The material will educate and equip men to serve as church officers by providing instruction in bible, theology, church history, polity, practice, and sound character. This class is taught by Pastor Aaron Roberts.

Through the Roof Adults

Classroom: Annex 3

This class provides adults affected by disability with the opportunity to connect and digest God’s Word in an easy-to-understand format. Join us on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sundays.  This class is led by members, Jason Miller and Sarah Pruett.

ALIANZA: 30 Doctrinas Esenciales del Cristianismo

se reune en W-10

Esta clase trata de doctrinas.  Se consideran como doctrinas esenciales, esto es esenciales para la fe cristiana.  No hay fe sin doctrinas, ya que, si vamos a creer tenemos que creer en algo, y lo que creemos está en función de la doctrina.  Toda fe implica una doctrina; la fe cristiana implica una doctrina cristiana.  La fe cristiana no es simplemente lo que creemos los cristianos, sino la formulación de esas doctrinas, en relación con su fuente en la revelación de Dios, en su Palabra.