Sunday School

Sunday school classes are on-going communities that meet for the purpose of growth in Christ through teaching and fellowship. Interactive instruction includes large and small group discussion that provides both a place to learn about God’s Word and a place to connect with members of Covenant.

Summer 2022 Classes

Summer Reading Challenge

Classrooms: Mobile 1, Mobile 2, Annex 2, Annex 3, and Annex 4 (Alianza with text in Spanish)

Each Summer during our Sunday School hour, we come together around a good book and some much needed fellowship. This year we have selected Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy by Mark Vroegop. Lament is God’s intent for Christians to deal with their sorrows, but proper lament is often poorly understood or neglected. Vroegop has provided the church an excellent resource to recover this biblical practice. Whether you want to help others, or you are experiencing a season of grief, we encourage you to join a reading group as we pray for God’s mercy to grow us together through this summer. Please purchase a book in the book nook and attend a group. (Books are available for purchase from our book nook or you can order online.)

Intergenerational Class

Classroom: Mezzanine

This class (and book) addresses core issues that every Christian, from young to old, should be able to discuss and defend from a Biblical worldview. The topics include the exclusivity of Jesus, Christianity and tolerance, homosexuality, hell and judgment, suffering, and the reliability of the scriptures. This class is intended to be for youth and for adults who would like to engage in these discussions and learn from each other. (Books are available for purchase from our book nook or you can order online.)

Adoption Awareness

Classroom: Annex 5

This timely class is for everyone who has been adopted by God (not only for those interested in adopting children). We will discuss ways we can apply Jesus’ words from John 14:18, “I will not leave you as orphans. I will come to you.” We will hear adoption stories from a variety of Covenant/Alianza voices. Together, we will challenge and encourage one another to care for “orphans in their affliction.” (James 1:27)

All Nations

Classroom: Library

This class provides a welcoming environment to connect across language and cultural differences as we visit, read the sermon’s Scripture passage, pray together and have open discussion. This class is led by several members including Sarah K. and Sue Hodges.

Through the Roof Adults

Classroom: W-10

This class provides adults affected by disability with the opportunity to connect and digest God’s Word in an easy-to-understand format. Join us on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sundays.  This class is led by members, Jason Miller and Sarah Pruett.

Through the Roof Support Group

Classroom: W-10

This class provides parents, grandparents, and caregivers the opportunity to connect, share resources, and discuss challenges that come with living and caring for a child or adult with a disability. Join us on the 2nd and 4th Sundays. This class is led by members Laura Flint and Sarah Pruett.

Tema del Verano en la Escuela Dominical: Nubes Oscuras, Misericordia Profunda: La Gracia de Dios en el Lamento

se reune en Annex 4

Este verano durante la hora de la Escuela Dominical, nos uniremos como Iglesia en la lectura y estudio del libro: “Nubes Oscuras, Misericordia Profunda” de Mark Vroegop. Expresamos nuestra tristeza a Dios por medio del lamento, pero para muchos cristianos modernos es una dimensión olvidada o poco entendida. Vroegop ha provisto a la iglesia con un recurso excelente para recuperar esta práctica bíblica. Ya sea que desees ayudar a otros, o estés experimentando un tiempo de especial dolor, te animamos a que participes en la Escuela Dominical este verano. ¡Oremos porque la misericordia de Dios nos una en este propósito!